Air-Stream 2016 Committee

Our annual general meeting this year was a great sucess.

Thanks to all who attended on the night, and remotely via the live stream. If you missed out you can watch the video here.

Thank you to everyone who voted, we now have the following committee members for 2016.

From left to right: Justin Piro, Joseph Burford (behind), Anthony Freeman, Troy Vodopivec, Shawn Zeppel, Sam Greenwood and Dave Winfield.
Absent: Tony Dalmeyer.

  • Joseph Burford (josephb)
  • Tony Dalmeyer (Tomeyer)
  • Anthony Freeman (Didz)
  • Sam Greenwood (dragoon)
  • Justin Piro (Justo)
  • Troy Vodopivec (hat)
  • Dave Winfield (Magoo)
  • Shawn Zeppel (DJ_Hip)

We are looking towards an exciting year for Air-Stream in 2016.

Sam Burney, Michael Kellow and Sam Faunt will still be very active within Air-Stream as they have done previously in the Network Team.