ASLAN Sponsorship Opportunities

ASLAN is a regular social event for computer gaming, friendly competition, and to promote the presence of the Air Stream Wireless Community around Adelaide. Approximately 6 ASLAN events are planned to be held each calendar year.

Why should you sponsor ASLAN?

  • Get your business name/brand out into the community
  • Unique way to advertise
  • Low cost way to advertise
  • Targeted audience
  • Subtle advertising - is not seen as annoying or 'in-your-face'; build a real rapport with your audience
  • Be seen to be a supporter of local community initiatives


The Captive Audience

Target the audience that is most likely to be interested in your products. The ASLAN demographic is mostly young males between the ages of 15 and 40 who have a moderate level of disposable income and are interested in computers, PC gaming and technology. Their PC is important to them and will generally be continually upgraded to keep up with technology changes and to run the latest games.

Sponsorship Packages

  • Flexible packages, as little as $50 value of 'in kind' sponsorship to get your foot in the door
  • Sponsor one ASLAN event or multiple events
  • Sponsor major or minor prizes
  • We will display your marketing material (posters, banners etc) at the event(s)
  • We will distribute your marketing material (fliers, lanyards etc) at the event(s)
  • For major prizes, your business name will be linked exclusively to the competition(s) you sponsor
  • Prizes are awarded publicly at the event during a prize ceremony with photo documentation
  • Your logo (with link to your website) will be displayed on the ASLAN event page
  • The ASLAN event page is promoted to the front page of this website at least one month before each event. The front page receives thousands of hits per week.
  • Your logo will be present on the Intranet site at the ASLAN event
  • Depending on level of sponsorship you may send your own representatives to the event(s)


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