ASLAN #15: In Review

What an Event!


New Venue, New Games, New Excitement, with the same old Awesome Lan and great atmosphere.

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Due to our new venue we spent many many hours working out the best layout for the room, and I think we got it pretty much right.



Setup finished about 3:30am! However it ment for a much smoother day in only a matter of hours... some of the admins even started sleep walking!



So the big day arrived, with still plenty to do, the Admins go to work. It was go go go right from the beginning, like normal!

The Air-Stream link was provided by Nekron's Portable Mast which was set up in the back carpark. This provided the lanners with Internet and Air-stream for the duration of the lan, thanks again to Nekron, Shadey and Machspeed for there time with testing and setting it all up!


Wifi SetupWifi Setup

The lan got underway at 10am on the dot, lanners poured in and the fun began



There were lanners, spectators and even some table top gamers all enjoying the day



The LAN was MC'ed and Run by Rids as usual, and with the new layout he had a small stage to run his operations from which proved to be very effective for initiating comps and gathering registrations for team events.


Rid's DeskRid's Desk

So along with the new venue, also came new facilities. Being the fact we are in the middle of a suburb now and no longer next door to food venues we took it upon ourselves to provide food and refreshments from the small kitchen at the Hillcrest Community Centre. The kitchen was run by our very own Air-Stream Chef Loc who provided some awesome, real food, meals. Such as "Supreme Noodles" and "Curry of Duty", just a couple of our Pro Lanner Meals available on the day!

Kitchen's MenuKitchen's Menu

Chef LocChef Loc

Supreme NoodlesSupreme Noodles

Curry of DutyCurry of Duty

So the event went without a hitch, we didn't lose power, we didn't trip and circuits, we didn't blow up any switches, and we did give away all our prizes!

So here are all the awesome winners from the various competitions throughout the day. We gave away 27 sets of prizes this lan! All thanks to our Sponsors.


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Winner 1Winner 1Winner 2Winner 2Winner 3Winner 3Winner 4Winner 4Winner 5Winner 5


Winner 6Winner 6Winner 7Winner 7Winner 8Winner 8Winner 9Winner 9Winner 10Winner 10


Winner 11Winner 11Winner 12Winner 12Winner 13Winner 13Winner 14Winner 14Winner 15Winner 15


Winner 16Winner 16Winner 17Winner 17Winner 18Winner 18Winner 19Winner 19Winner 20Winner 20


Winner 21Winner 21Winner 22Winner 22Winner 23Winner 23Winner 24Winner 24Winner 25Winner 25


Winner 26Winner 26Winner 27Winner 27


There's the winners! Thanks to everyone who came, and a big thanks to all our Sponsors!

Thanks for the continued support from our great sponsors...

Photech Computers Logo


Thermaltake Logo


Without them, we'd have no LAN, so please visit their stores, and remember them for your next upgrade!



So in closing, thanks to all the Lanners who stuck with us through our 9 month gap, and be assured we're coming back faster than last time for another great event. Keep your eye on the website and facebook, updates will be there first!

Lanners (LHS)Lanners (LHS)Lanners (RHS)Lanners (RHS)


And here's one more treat, we made a time lapse of the event from setup, to pack up! Enjoy, and see you at the next ASLAN!