Core Router Nodes

These installations are to be considered the property of Air-Stream Wireless Incorporated, and are carefully administered under the guidance of the Network Team, to comply as closely as possible to the Technical Documentation.

Referred to as 'Core Nodes', they are designed to create a reliable backbone of connections upon which all other Air-Stream nodes interconnect.

Air-Stream APs have the following characteristics:

  • Property of Air-Stream Wireless Incorporated.
  • Administered by Air-Stream, specifically the committee and the Network Team.
  • Only financial members may connect directly to a Core Node.
  • Passage of non Air-Stream traffic is heavily regulated to ensure some QoS for financial members.
  • Core Nodes may have backbones to both Independent Nodes and other Core Nodes.
  • Link stability, server uptime, quality of service, routing and installation longevity can be guaranteed to some degree.