AirLive WN-5000R Review - 802.11n

Airlive Logo
Air-Stream Wireless is very pleased to announce that AirLive, OvisLink Corp have provided two of their new WN5000R 802.11n wireless routers to put through their paces. With the success of our initial review of the 802.11n standard we have kept looking for other user-friendly equipment to conduct further field tests and the AirLive WN-5000R seems to certainly fit the bill.


The units operate on a standard 12V supply ideal for PoE and have the added feature of operating in AP Bridge Mode providing a great opportunity for point to point tests without need of firmware hacks or fussing with software drivers. AirLive also offer an extensive range of both indoor and outdoor wireless products, founded in 1993 they produce over 200 products in hundreds of locations around the world. Although not yet available in Australia we feel that it won’t be long before they are, as AirLive have had the forethought to include many features useful to the wireless enthusiast and professional alike, that other more familiar brands leave out.