Subject to Conditions

Air-Stream Wireless Incorporated is a not-for-profit community group and depends solely on the commitment of members to volunteer their resources (eg: time, money and equipment) in order to build and maintain the network. Consequently all network systems, content and other services available through membership is solely dependent on the participation and contribution of those members to both set up and maintain them.

Membership Fees are not a fee-for-service and do not guarantee access to any service, network or ongoing continuity.

However membership fees and funds raised do go solely towards the development and maintenance of the network, and members have full voting rights to have a say where this is best spent. Also, if you see a need, anyone can donate their time and/or resources to improving performance, assisting in maintaining reliability or improving coverage, content and/or services. Just jump in, volunteer, let others know what you want to do and ask lots of questions, we have the skills and experience to help any project get off the ground big or small.