Where can I connect to Air-Stream Wireless?

Below is a map of the Air-Stream Network Access Points across Adelaide, including most of the currently accessible nodes.

As you can see we have been busy. The network now reaches as far north as Elizabeth and south to McLaren Vale.

This information will be updated when ever possible subject to conditions. For more information about accessing the network please read our Access Policy. For significantly more detailed information and tools, members can log-on to a management database where they have access to planning tools, IP & DNS allocations, mapping, line of sight plots and propagation prediction tools.

Note: Our node map below has now become too big to display publicly as a useful guide. However experience has shown the only reliable way to find out if you can connect to the network is by doing a signal scan from a high location using a directional dish antenna. When conducting a site survey only Air-Stream Wireless APs have the SSID Air-Stream-location-name

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. If after reading these your still not clear, please contact us and we'll try to answer them.